Location & Size

Location and size

The Manafwa District is located in Eastern Uganda in the sub-region of Bugisu that consists of the Districts of Bududa, Bulambuli, Manafwa, Sironko, Mbale and Namisindwa. It is bordered by Namisindwa District in the East; the District of Bududa in the North West, Mbale to the West and Tororo in the Southwest. The District is located between the longitudes of 340 E, 350E and latitudes 000 & 450N; and has the total surface area of about 231 sq km. The headquarters of Manafwa District is located approximately 27 kilometres (17 miles), by road, south-east of Mbale, the largest town in the sub-region; and approximately 267 km from Kampala the capital city of Uganda.


Manafwa District is made up of 01 county (Bubulo West), 18 rural Sub-counties, 04 Town Councils with 03 traditional divisions of grater Buwagogo, greater Bugobero and greater Butiru. The District constitutes of 81 parishes and 862 village councils and Town Boards namely: Masaka, and Butiru.


The District Council is the highest Political authority in the district, with 30 members under the headship of the District Chairperson. It has a technical team headed by the Chief Administrative Officer, distributed in 10 departments. Each of the departments has a head and under every department, there are a number of Sectors


General information about the District



 340E    & 350E


 000   & 450N

Average Altitude                        


Total Surface Area                    

231 square metres

Land Area                                   


Area under open water:              





 1,500 mm per annum